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Congratulations for considering piano lessons for either yourself or your child!  Learning to play the piano offers a host of benefits in many areas of life.  It also offers the satisfaction of both accomplishment and creativity.  It’s truly one of the best investments you can make!

The following is a list of piano teachers accepting new students as of 1/24/21.  All teachers on this list offer online lessons and most offer in-person lessons as well if you live in the area. Each individual teacher has their own teaching and performance background as well as a unique perspective on teaching. Many have a specialized area of focus with students as well. Teachers are listed in alphabetical order.

If you’re looking for tips on finding a piano teacher, check out this post.

The teachers on this list volunteered their information be placed on this site and their presence on this list does not represent any type of endorsement or recommendation by Only Getting Better.  It is your responsibility to thoroughly research prospective teachers, especially when finding one for your child.  For safety purposes, I highly recommend sitting in on lessons with your child to ensure you have a good understanding of the interactions between the teacher and your child. 

If you are a piano teacher interested in having your information added to this list, please contact me at  As mentioned above, participation is voluntary.  If, at any time, you would like to have your information removed from the list, please also email me at the above address and I will promptly remove it.

Good luck in your search and I hope you find the teacher who is a perfect fit for your learning style and piano goals!

Adam Ali:

YouTube Channel: Adam Ali – YouTube

LinkedIn: Adam Ali – Piano Teacher – East-West Music School | LinkedIn

Background: Adam holds a M.M. in piano performance from the Aaron Copland School of Music (2020) and a B.M. in piano performance from Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College (2018).  He has studied under Lalan Parrott, Irina Edelman at Mannes Prep, and Dr. Donald Pirone at Queens College.  Piano faculty, CPSM Queens College, Anselmo Academy of Music and Art and East-West Music School.  He has given numerous solo and camber recitals in the NYC area.

Specialty: Adam teaches classical piano and has experience with beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of all ages.

Fun Fact: My first teacher was my grandmother! One day, when I was little, she picked me up from school and asked if I would rather go bike riding, or learn how to play piano. I’ve loved classical music and the piano ever since then.

Best way to contact me:

Susan Bird:

Background: Susan is an honors graduate from the Royal Northern College of Music. She is a trained recital pianist and has performed with chamber groups, duos, and trios.  She loves performing, feels this is where she excels as a teacher, and enjoys preparing her students for recitals and competitions.  Susan runs a Suzuki music school (including ages 3-18) on Saturdays along with her daughters (one a violinist and one a cellist).  She also runs an annual summer chamber music workshop located by the sea in South Wales.

Specialty: Susan teaches both conventional lessons as well as the Suzuki method and is the director of Suzuki Piano, UK.  As the director, she trains pianists on the Teacher Training program.  She currently offers Zoom lessons and has invested in additional cameras and a Rode microphone to significantly improve the quality of her online teaching.  She offers lessons to both children and adults and welcomes observations of her lessons via Zoom.

Professional Organization Membership: European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA)

Fun Fact: I enjoy connecting with students by tapping into their imagination and guiding them to be more creative through both composition and improvisation by following the sound they create.  To me, this is one of the most important aspects of being a musician.

Best way to contact me:

Jorge Briceño González:


Background: Jorge holds a doctorate in piano performance with a supporting area in music theory from the University of Oregon.  He obtained his masters in piano performance from Texas State University and his baccalaureate in piano performance from the University of Costa Rica.  He has extensive performance experience as a soloist, accompanist, and as a chamber musician in his native Costa Rica as well as throughout the world.  He has been a featured artist at every Costa Rica Pianists Symposium since its first edition in 2014.  He also has a special interest in performing traditional repertoire and expanding the canon by performing and teaching works by new composers, young composers, female composers, and most prominently, Latin American composers.

Specialty: Jorge enjoys working with intermediate and advanced students however accepts all levels ages 14 and up.

Fun Fact: I love jigsaw puzzles!

Best way to contact me:

Anne Katherine Davis:


Background: Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from University of Missouri-Columbia, Master of Music from The Boston Conservatory, and Graduate Performance Diploma from The Boston Conservatory. She has also received the Steinway Top Teacher award twice. 

Specialty: All ages and all abilities (yes, from birth to 90!) because she is an advocate of Music Learning Theory by Dr. Edwin E. Gordon.  She uses this research to understand and realize the music potential of each individual. Students have won competitions, finished exams with honors, gone on to attend some of the top music conservatories, and have reached a level of musical fluency to use throughout the rest of their lives as a result of this method. 

Professional Organization Membership: Sigma Alpha Iota, MTNA, NFMC. 

Fun Fact: I have lived on both coasts and in the middle of the country, but I now live in beautiful Central Mexico and visit Houston, TX two or three times a year. 

Best way to contact me: All students are welcome to have a trial lesson first, about twenty minutes of trying things out with me and then ten minutes of conversation to get to know each other.

Gary Eng:

Website: Gary Eng, B.Mus.

Background: Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia, Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT), Performer’s Certificate from Vancouver Academy of Music

Specialty: As an RCM Certified Teacher, he gives lessons to all ages and levels including preparation for competitions and college entrance exams.  He teaches his students from the point of view of his childhood, bringing a new perspective and curiosity to the magic of music.  With a devoted heart for technique, musicality, and artistic expression, combines fun with learning!

Professional Organization Membership: BC Registered Music Teachers Association

Fun fact: I am also a registered occupational therapist and Polynesian dancer.

Best way to contact me:

Deborah Fortier:

Background: Deborah has a Bachelor of Music from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and a Master of Music (performance as well) from the Villa Schifanoia in Florence, Italy.  She studied with various teachers both in Boston and New York including Maria Clodes, Edwin Hymovitz, and Zelma Bodzin.  She continues to study with Zelma and regularly performs in New York and Bar Harbor, Maine.  Deborah has extensive piano teaching experience as this has been her lifelong career.  She also works closely with her husband, founder of the Bar Harbor Music Festival in 1967, where she presents a Young Audience Concert series every summer.  She has composed 4 books of music, including for children as well as more advanced pieces.  One of her compositions, My Dream Waltz, was orchestrated and performed and she continues to use many of her compositions with students.

Specialty: Deborah has enjoys working with a wide range of students, from the age of 4 up through adult.  She also enjoys working with more advanced students.  Classical is her overall specialty and she does not either play or teach jazz.  She will, on occasion, work on popular music with her students. She currently lives in New York City and teaches on the upper east and west sides of Manhattan.  Deborah also teaches at a private school for boys. 

Professional Organization Membership: Deborah is a board member of the Leschetizky Association and initiated a Teachers Forum. 

Fun Fact: I love my students, no matter their talent or interest and feel it my duty to inspire them to work and learn and enjoy the language of music.

Best way to contact me:

Anastasia Kaminskagia:

YouTube Channel: Anastasia Kaminskagia – YouTube

Facebook Page: Piano Play | Facebook

Background: Anastasia holds masters and baccalaureate degrees from the National Music Academy of Sofia, in Bulgaria with the specialty in piano performance under prof. Atanas Kurtev, Russian School (piano school of Pavel Serebryakov) of St. Petersburg.  She also has extensive performance experience as both a soloist and as a featured performer of multiple concertos with various orchestras.  She has been teaching both children and adults for the past 14 years.

Specialty: Anastasia works with beginning students including both children and adults.  She finds that students vary in their physical and cognitive abilities as well as emotional maturity and she therefore tailors her lessons to their individual needs, wants, and purposes rather than follows one specific pedagogical principle.  Anastasia does, however, emphasize natural hand and body posture, nurturing a musical ear, and music theory.  She also specializes in use of alternate fingerings, music-form comprehension, and activating the student’s judgment on the quality of the sound as well as the aesthetics. 

Fun Fact: I love dancing and I apply very often body movements and speech patterns to my students when we analyze rhythmic structures in the pieces we’re learning.

Best way to contact me:

Chris Knopp:

Website: Pianist | Christopher Knopp, Pianist | Quebec

Background: Bachelor of Music from McGill University, Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT) in piano performance and currently pursuing graduate studies at McGill University.  Chris has been teaching independently as well as part of multiple studios for the past 9 years and began performing professionally prior to teaching.

Specialty: Classical music, RCM exams, ear training, improvisation, worship music

Fun Fact: I love lanterns and always go for a walk with a lantern in a power outage.

Best way to contact me:

Tristan Lauber:

Website: Pianist and piano teacher Montreal (; Piano teacher, piano studio (

Background: Tristan holds a doctorate degree from the University of Montreal and has extensive experience performing both as a soloist and as part of chamber groups throughout the world.  He has also won prizes in various competitions including the “Grand Prix” at the Concours de Musique du Quebec, first prize of the Concours de l’Orchestre Symphonique de Trois-Rivieres, first prize at the provincial finals and third prize at the national finals of the Concours de Musique du Canada.  Tristan has over 25 years of piano teaching experience and personally customizes lessons at all levels based upon the individual needs of the student. 

Specialty: Tristan teaches all levels of piano lessons and has considerable experience working with adult students who have either never played before or who stopped playing when younger.  He is also experienced in helping students through performance anxiety.  He also runs a studio with multiple other piano teachers, many of whom are also accepting new students.

Fun fact: My second passion after music is movies and soundtracks, my favorite being ‘The Godfather’ which inspired me to write my own piano transcription of the famous theme.

Best way to contact me: or via my website as listed above

Beverley M. McDonald

Website: Home | Mysite (

Background: Beverley has been teaching both children and adults for almost 40 years.  She offers online as well as in-person lessons and lives in Perth, West Australia.

Specialty: Beverley teaches classical, rock school, and piano for leisure (a mixture of classical, blues, jazz, and many other types of music).  Although she is comfortable teaching exam-based piano learning, she has found that many children are happier and enjoy music much more without the pressure of learning for exams. 

Professional Organization Membership: Western Australian Music Teachers Association and also a member of multiple Facebook teaching groups

Fun Fact: I spent my childhood in the country and thus was unable to learn music until I reached boarding school at the age of 12.  I have always loved teaching!

Best way to contact me:

Emily Morgan:

Website: Home (

Background: Emily has a master’s degree in piano pedagogy from the University of Tennessee – Knoxville and is also Suzuki certified in piano.  She is an active performer of chamber music and sings with community choirs.

Specialty: Emily specializes in working with beginner through intermediate adults.  She believes that everyone can learn music and through music, life skills are also learned.  Her students routinely participate in recitals, festivals, and competitions.

Professional Organization Membership: Emily is a member of the Music Teachers National Association and the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Fun Fact: I am also a beekeeper. 

Best way to contact me: Home (

Murfreesboro Academy of Music

Website: Murfreesboro Academy of Music | Music Lessons and Classes (

Background: The Murfreesboro Academy of Music is located in middle Tennessee, was founded in 2015, and has 18 teachers across a variety of instruments.  All teachers have music degrees ranging from baccalaureate to doctorate.

Specialty: The academy has teachers specializing in all ages and levels.

Professional Organization Membership: Several teachers belong to the National Piano Teachers Association

Best way to contact the academy: (615) 905-1882

Narina Sarunova:

Background: Narina has a master’s degree in piano performance and has worked as the head of the piano department at Suzuki School of Music in Westport, Connecticut.  She has also served as piano faculty at Purchase Conservatory in New York. 

Specialty: Narina teaches classical piano and uses the Russian piano playing methodology.  She is also Suzuki certified.

Fun Fact: I like to reverse roles with my students and have them teach me during the lessons sometimes.

Best way to contact me: via text at (203) 918-1774

Anna Zaidman

Website: Home | Anna Zaidman (

YouTube Channel: Anna Zaidman – YouTube

Background: Anna holds a dual degree in piano performance and music education from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance where she studied under the guidance of Professor Vadim Monostrirsky with the accompaniment of Professor Shenderovish.  She has participated in master courses with pianists including Professor Alexander Korsantia, Professor Alexander Tamir, Professor Bracha Eden and a variety of others.  She has also performed as a soloist and with chamber groups worldwide.  Anna is also a choir conductor and composer, regularly sharing her original compositions, accompaniments, and covers on social channels. 

Specialty: Anna has over 15 years of teaching experience and enjoys working with both children and adults.  Her students have also found success in a variety of piano competitions and music festivals.

Fun Fact: I use a holistic approach to teaching, making sure that with developing your piano playing skills, your heart keeps on singing with joy!

Best way to contact me: