Ultimate Review of the Yamaha G2 Baby Grand Piano

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Are you thinking about upgrading your home or teaching studio piano? You may have only ever had upright pianos and want to look closer at a higher-quality instrument.

Regardless of the reason behind your curiosity, Yamaha pianos, and more specifically, the G2 is a great place to start.

Today’s post reviews the versatile acoustic piano that is a trendy choice for both piano teachers and home use. And without further ado, let’s get to it!

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My History with the Yamaha G2

Before studying piano in college, I had never played a grand piano.

And once I started practicing on a grand, I never wanted to return to an upright. Ever again.

College introduced me to the world of grand pianos, and I soon began forming opinions about all the various options.

While taking classes with a local piano tuner, I fell in love with a 1920s Baldwin grand piano he had recently restored. I had never played a piano with such sensitivity and massive sound. It was incredible!

I also visited piano gallery stores in my spare time to check out the differences in touch, sensitivity, and sound between the different pianos.

Aside from the Baldwin of my dreams, Steinway was by far my favorite name in the piano world. 

Although I had played several models at that time, Yamaha was one of my least favorite, closely followed by Kawai. Most of the Yamaha grands I played had stiff actions and an overly bright sound.

Not an ideal combination for the melancholy music of the Romantic period for which I am most passionate!

Several years ago, I was finally in a financial position to upgrade from my grandmother’s spinet and began trying out options.

And I was shocked to fall in love with a Yamaha. This particular piano was not like any of the other Yamaha pianos I had tried in the past. 

Its wonderful tone and dynamic range quickly won me over. 

Four years later, I’m still thrilled with this sensitive yet responsive piano with a powerful sound that fits nicely in my home. I’ve found it to be a fantastic starter grand piano and love it more and more over time!

And if you’re looking at an upgrade, here’s why you might find it an excellent choice for you as well.


Although a brand new piano model has benefits, an older model brings sound certainty.

Pianos can settle as they age, leading to subtle changes in sound over time.

But a used piano features a relatively stable sound. When properly tuned and maintained over time, a used piano in good condition will sound the same today as in 20 years.

And for me, there’s a certain peace that comes with knowing that if I love how my piano sounds today, I’ll still love it in 10 years.

Since Yamaha hasn’t manufactured this model since approximately 1990, you can be reassured that the sound will be stable as it ages.


Although the G2 requires ample space compared to a spinet, the extra space is a small price for its pure tone.

This model is 5’7″ long, and the longer strings give you the type of piano sound typical of much larger models.

This model gives you the best bang for your buck regarding size and sound.


The Yamaha G2 features some of the finest craftsmanship of the brand.

Although the company no longer manufactures this model, it remains prevalent among serious pianists because of its craftsmanship.

Depending on whether the piano needs work done or has recently been refinished, you can expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 to $15,000. It is an investment; however, if you’re serious about learning to play the piano, you need a quality instrument.

The G2 is built to last; if you decide to invest in it, this piano will surpass your greatest expectations for years to come. 

Buying Tips

Although the Yamaha G2 is a perfect piano for me and my playing needs, it may not be well-suited to everyone.

Acoustic grand pianos need regular tuning and maintenance, which means recurring costs. 

They require a fair amount of floor space and are not easily maneuvered once situated.

Despite the drawbacks, a reputable and well-maintained baby grand piano is the ultimate in performance and sound for the average home setting.

If you’re uncertain whether a baby grand piano or upright is the best instrument for your needs, check out this previous post.

Regardless of the model, here are a few things to remember when shopping for a piano.

  • Buying a piano from a reputable piano dealer is the best way to ensure you get a quality instrument.
  • Piano dealers also often offer free or reduced-price delivery within the surrounding area.
  • Always consult a qualified piano tuner if you question the piano’s condition.
  • If the piano you’re interested in buying doesn’t already have one, installing a humidification system helps your piano stay in tune longer and minimizes the harsh effects weather can have on the wooden components inside.
  • Buying a piano from Craigslist can be risky. Although buying from a private party rather than a store can give you better prices, you never know what you’re getting. 
  • Always try out the piano for yourself before purchasing it. All pianos have a slightly different feel, sensitivity, and sound. You will want to make sure you absolutely love all characteristics of your prospective instrument!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a baby grand piano for home or studio use, the Yamaha G2 is a fantastic option!

Its quality craftsmanship, responsive touch sensitivity, and subtle tone make it the ideal piano for enthusiasts.

But don’t take my word for it. Get out there and try one for yourself!

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